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Lighthouse Organics Welcomes Recreational Users For Adults 21+ Beginning January 1st, 2022

Small Batch - Craft Cannabis

Artisans of old school traditional cultivation practices for over a decade. Our craft cannabis is high quality hand watered, hand-picked, hand-cured, hand-trimmed, limited batch, organic cannabis grown by cultivators who recognize the importance of chemical-free cannabis for the consumer. Lighthouse Organics serves as a distinction between small-scale cannabis growers and the ever emerging industrial producers. The distinction is clear. Small batch – craft cannabis is undeniably far superior to commercially produced products.

Craft Premium Extracts

Lighthouse Organics provides single source, small batch cannabis extracts. Through passion and experience we have developed a number of specific processes that bring the best representation of our flower into the concentrate. By doing this we not only provide the most potent and flavorful extract but a completely clean product as well.

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Craft Boutique Edibles

Lighthouse Organics produces high quality, small batch edibles. Our boutique handcrafted edibles are a consistent source for full-spectrum, cannabis-infused goodness. We believe our baked good are only as good as the ingredients that go into them. From organic butters and oils, to fair trade chocolate and organic coconut oil all baked to perfection.

Craft Infused Topicals

The wide array of compounds found in the cannabis plant works locally to reduce inflammation and ease pain. Lighthouse Organics uses a full spectrum infusion for each of its topical products from pain relieving salve to bath bombs and body butters.



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What's New In The Garden

Lighthouse Organics cultivates anywhere between 30 to 50 strains on a continual rotational schedule. On most occasions there will be at least 20+ strains in-house.

We are small batch craft cultivators with each individual process being done by hand using old traditional methods.

We regularly introduce new strains as well as creating our own in-house genetics. We are currently working out of one location but working to build out a new with more square footage - garden space. As we complete this new phase, we will continue to add more strains and often times give rest to older ones. 

We do our best to keep you updated on new upcoming strains, hot deals, and amazing new products so be sure and check back with us often.

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