Our Story


Lighthouse Organics has chosen a more natural approach when growing in that we do not use pesticides, plant growth hormones or synthetics. We are 100% hands on with each individual plant (from seed to harvest) in order to ensure the best, clean, naturally grown medicine available. Our focus is on creating artisan connoisseur quality medicine with a base of good genetics grown in soil, strictly indoor rather than to use typical mass-production methods.


Whether you are new to cannabis as medicine or are an existing patient our goal at Lighthouse Organics is to help you gain a well rounded understanding of how cannabis can work for you.

Patients suffering with a disease or disorder searching for an alternative solution often end up exacerbating existing conditions when using cannabis grown under mass production methods (i.e., synthetics, salts, plant growth hormones, nutrients derived from strip mining methods and dangerous pesticides) generally not conducive to an already stressed immune system.

Lighthouse Organics founder/caregiver has worked extensively over the years to create a growing regiment that promotes clean, healthy plants that those most ill patients benefit from. It all began when a close family member was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Disease and specifically Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. Understanding the need for a much cleaner product, our founder/caregiver took extra precaution to ensure this family member had safe medicine. As word got around, more and more people began requesting Lighthouse Organics as their provider. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, our founder couldn’t turn those most ill away. Having great compassion for those who are most ill is what Lighthouse Organics is all about. Its how we began.

What you won’t find at Lighthouse Organics is gimmicks, and sales pitches. We don’t pay to obtain patients. We truly believe in standing on our own merits; clean, safe medicine.

What’s Inside

What you’ll find walking into our dispensary is a wide array of true medicinal flower, topical, hand crafted edibles and concentrates, all created in-house under strict Montana guidelines. Our products are lab tested for quality assurance standards set by the state of Montana.

Clean, Safe, Consistent

In an industry that is ever changing, mass production methods

have replaced the need for higher quality, clean, consistent, safe medicine.

Did you know that Lighthouse Organics utilizes only True Living Organics?


We specialize in utilizing OMRI listed products so that you, the patient can

trust knowing that what goes into your medicine is truly safe.